I’m very happy to announce that my first collection of fabric has been available for purchase on Spoonflower.com for just about a month now.

(Click the photo to go to my collection on Spoonflower)


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I’m excited to announce the winners of my pattern!

#12 Caroline

#49 Sharon Chapman

#56 PEA

#107 Lisa Lectura

#113 Lisa W.

I’ve contacted each of  my winners, and sent each their patterns.

I hope that they will have as much fun making him as I did designing him.


The Bella Modiste


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Would you, Could you

Pretty please vote for me in the Spoonflower “bugs” fabric design contest?

The design is Hopalong Cassidy By: Naomi Wilson….


*ahem*What!? I am a little bit excited! I already ordered a swatch of it, that will be in next week…..eeek!

I had so much fun designing, coloring and choosing the layout….

Hopalong is about 4 inches wide, so really quite large.

If I win….I’ll have another giveaway, this time for a fat quarter, eh a 1/2 yd!

Yes. I am unashamed in my attempts to bribe you. Completely and totally unashamed.

Now go vote!


The Bella Modiste

Edited to add:

It should be noted that the fabrics appear in random order on 3 pages, so you may or may not see  my design on the first, or even second pages.


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4th Annual OWOH!

It is that time of year again!

I thank Lisa of A Whimsical Bohemian for hosting this for the fourth time. I know she puts so much time into making sure everyone is included in the list.

But, lets cut to the chase shall we?

This year I would like to offer my PDF pattern of Oliver Bunny to five(5) lucky people

All you have to do to qualify is to leave a comment on this post. If you want extra entries you can blog, twitter,  facebook, or otherwise tell people about it, and then comment again telling me that you did(along with the link to the tweet or blog)

I’m sure Oliver would love for lots of little brothers and sisters all around the world!

I’ll chose 5 winners on February 14th using a random number generator, and email and announce the winners February 15th.


The Bella Modiste

Comments for this post have now been closed! I will announce the winners later today(Feb. 15th)


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Sneak peek of DQS8

I joined DQS8(Doll Quilt Swap 8 ) over on Flickr this month, and have had so much fun looking at all the quilts that have been started! I’ve finally reached a point that I feel like I can give a sneak peek of mine. Still so much to do on it.

But here it is! I plan to embroider the fine details, outline the mushroom, and will probably use a few different shades of brown to stitch the gills.   Of course I am going to add some detail to the door, it is to flat right now.

I’m fairly certain that those fabrics are what I will use around the center, but in what pattern I don’t know. Simple blocks maybe, or strips, but nothing to take away from the mushroom.

I really hope that my partner will like this, *fingers crossed they will comment* because you know, if they do not like it….I’ll just keep this one for myself….hehe

Because I know the question will be asked…it is just crayons on linen. I drew my mushroom and used a light table to transfer it to the (very thick) linen.

This is a first time technique for me, so I’m really hoping it works out, it is supposed to do just fine, if you heat set it(which I did).

I finally got some pictures of the vintage goodies I got over Christmas break… I fell in love with this little rabbit with the head of lettuce(or cabbage I suppose).  I really could not  pass him up! I was rather upset when I discovered that all of my pictures of him were blurry, that is what I get for trying to photograph stuff on a rainy day *sigh*.

Also….Purple cows. Yes, I have had my eye on a set of purple spotted cows on Etsy for a few months,and then, ka-bow! There was the creamer, along with the salt and pepper shakers  in the little shop that I found the dear little rabbit! *That* was quite exciting!

Anyways, I’m trying to get with the blogging world again. My year long blog break was rather nice, but I really lost track of a great many of my favorite blogs.

Oh! Before I forget….Welcome to my new blog! I’ve brough over all of my old posts, and hope to add a great many more in the following months!


The Bella Modiste


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I’m proud to announce my first e-pattern! Just listed last night, and completed after a great many hours of work, editing and layout! I am so excited to introduce you all to Oliver Bunny!

Oliver measures 25inches from the tip of his ears to the bottoms of his feet. I made him from wool felt, but the pattern works for any kind of fabric from quilting cotton to fleece. I’ve included step by step instructions with a photo for every step.
The PDF can be found in my Etsy store here
I hope to have more patterns finished in the next few months, for the stuffies from this post last year.


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And the winners are……

The winner of quilt #1 is….#101 Industrioushead from Evanston, IL

And the winner of the unseen 2nd mini quilt #2 is…..Jewelry Elegance by Jill in Marietta, Georgia

The winners have each been emailed….
Thank you so much everyone for your comments and compliments…I’ve appreciated each and every one of them! Thank you Lisa for hosting this event…
Thank you so much to the people who have drawn my name….was fun to wake up to “you’ve won” emails!


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