I’m a Procrastinator

See!? I even procrastinated *after* I typed my title, I wanted to check something else, and then I re-discovered a blog, and…well…here I am almost half an hour later…

Well…I’ve taken a TON of pictures since the 1st…and made/finished 24 projects…

This fella started it all…

Albert is a miniature elephant at just 5 inches tall, and because of his size he loves to climb rocks to get a better view. He is a little shy, but once he gets to know you, he is a friend for life! Made of a men’s dress shirt, he is all about recycling! His big ears keep him cool in the summer, and are perfect for pulling over his face when he is in a crowd…

And then came this girl!

Elizabeth is quite the adventurous little elephant. She loves to play hide and seek, and is she ever the perfect size! 5 inches tall and full of energy!Made of a wonderful Japanese print fabric with circus elephants, balls, and circus tents all over it, and the inevitable “elephant” printed in cursive all over…so perfectly cute!

After that it just went kinda crazy…I’ve made 24 all together since I started on the 2nd….and that includes my new giraffe and zebra patterns…and I have requests to make other ones, hippos, lions, and stegousaurous…so once the wonderful holiday season is *over*…I gotta get back to work!

All my Christmas presents are done, made a quilt and a red dress up cape for brother, a pink dress up cape for sis along with a pink tutu skirt(really need to find a tutorial somewhere that I like)….the whole layering and gathering wasn’t fun, and didn’t produce a very nice tutu look, of course I didn’t give myself much to work with, only 4yds….
And tonight, I made the cutest owl, found a tutorial here and sketched(and measured) out my pattern…don’t have a good picture of it, but I’ll try to get a decent picture of it soon.

Had a wonderful visit with Mom’s mother, short but nice….found a few vintage goodies, a set of 6 Pyrex mugs with collapsible stand in a 70s shag carpet orange/slightly brown, and a set of salt and pepper shakers that are egg shaped, in a really bright orange! I think someone must have donated them after storing it all for the last 30 years…haha…Hopefully though, I can make them work in my future kitchen….and a none vintage red belt, finally found a nice one that wasn’t $50! I’ve been looking for the perfect width, perfect length, perfect buckle belt since around Feb….and finally finally found one!

And maybe once I get the cups and shakers washed….you all can see a picture of them!

~The Bella Modiste



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8 responses to “I’m a Procrastinator

  1. Queen of Dreamsz

    Nay, they are ALL sooooo adorable!! The picture of all of them standing on the rocks is so cool! Can’t wait to see Owlies sitting on tree branches..heheheHugs to ya,Steph

  2. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Steph! I didn’t even set up the rocks…they were left there this fall when we took out a flower bed, works great for my photos though! And I’ve got *the perfect trees* for the owl pics…a birch and a bald cypress…hehe…hugs to you too,~Naomi

  3. bekaboo

    I love your animals, especially those fabulous elephants!!

  4. Emily

    wow – your things are really adorable. found you via Mary Jane’s Farm. Can’t wait to check out more of your blog-love, Emilyhttp://wideopenspaces.squarespace.com/

  5. Lori Anderson Designs

    That bottom picture is wonderful! It’s a menagerie! So sweet.

  6. acereta

    our elefants are so cute!

  7. These are adorable. I see you’re a fellow lover of mushrooms. 🙂

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