Lots of fun goodies!

First up we have Edmund the donkey.

He is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

To quote myself…heh
“Meet Edmund.
Edmund has just graduated from University with his B.S. degree(that would be Bachelor of Sciences for some). He enjoys reading dictionaries and encyclopedias, Edmund would be the perfect gift for that new graduate that thinks they know it all!”
And here we have a lovely bright half apron, also for sale in my shop…This one has a carefully measured zigzag hem…that was fun to do, and I could see doing a skirt with a fun zig zagged hem….very cute.

And here…Raggedy Ann and Andy…a custom order for a friend, who left the clothing up to me, I found the Simplicity Pattern(which BTW is a very nice pattern, has three different sizes of dolls, along with their removable clothes-these ones were approximately 26in tall) Anyways, these are not for sale, but I am willing to do a custom order if anyone is interested.
Last but not least….Finally a Mushroom purse, I have the totes, but never made a purse…I plan to make a larger one in the future, more of a messenger bag, but this one is adorable, as I was making it, I seriously considered keeping it for myself…you can find it here in my shop.
Until next time!
The Bella Modiste


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8 responses to “Lots of fun goodies!

  1. Ruth

    I love all your new things. You have been busy.Ruth from MJF

  2. Beverly

    Great job, Nay….your sewing skills are growing by leaps and bounds!!!!

  3. corrine

    i’m not sure if i like the donkey or the purse more. great job on everything!

  4. Queen of Dreamsz

    Hey Nay, thanks for visiting me! Yeah, I hope my next heart design has wings..LOL Gotta make it much larger next time.All your stuff is looking good, girlie!!Steph

  5. Bella Modiste

    Thank you everyone! :)~Naomi

  6. Brook

    The donkey is so funny!

  7. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Brook!~The Bella Modiste

  8. lila

    Your crafts are quite charming! Happy sewing!

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