And the winners are……

The winner of quilt #1 is….#101 Industrioushead from Evanston, IL

And the winner of the unseen 2nd mini quilt #2 is…..Jewelry Elegance by Jill in Marietta, Georgia

The winners have each been emailed….
Thank you so much everyone for your comments and compliments…I’ve appreciated each and every one of them! Thank you Lisa for hosting this event…
Thank you so much to the people who have drawn my name….was fun to wake up to “you’ve won” emails!



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14 responses to “And the winners are……

  1. Anne

    Congratulations to both winners! 🙂

  2. cinnamongirl

    Congrads to winners and great job on the owls they are very cute

  3. electricdunce

    Congratulations to the lucky winners, those are two swell owls!

  4. Ruth

    Naomi~Great quilts!! Congrats to the winners.Ruth

  5. Bella Modiste

    Thank you everyone!~Naomi

  6. Bonne

    Those little owl quilts are just the cutest little critters!! Yay!!! to the winners! hugs, B

  7. Jewelry Elegance by jill

    NaomiI posted on my blog about your “Mini Owl Quilt”…Thank you again for the wonderful giveaway…

  8. Madison Avenue Baby

    Hi, BellaI just wanted to stop by to say hello and thank you for visiting my blog and entering my OWOH contest.I had a lot of entries and I am still trying to get back to everyone to say hello.I have heard of people who won multiple prizes! I didn’t win any :(I love your blog and I’ve bookmarked it so I can come back later and visit longer. I think I’ll have to subscribe to your feed, too! I can’t believe I missed out on that adorable quilt!Best,Dawn

  9. Queen of Dreamsz

    Hello Naomi,I’m moved to my cabin *finally*..just wanted to stop by and say hello…how’s things going? You doing any sewing? Drop by for a visit when you have a few minutes.Hugs, Steph

  10. Dr. Denise Tucker

    Naomi:You visited my blog in January during the OWOH giveaway. My mystery novel is now out and my publisher is offering a 10% discount to those who posted to my blog. The coupon code is DAT10. My website for my book is Come visit me and check out my book. ~Denise

  11. Beverly

    What adorable quilts, Nay!! Just thought I would stop by and say "Hi"!!

  12. smoothiejuice's hectichousehold

    update your blog little girl!

  13. Terrie Sandelin

    The owls are just wonderful — they have so much personality!

  14. Bella Modiste

    Thanks! Guess I need to get on here and update occasionally. heh

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