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I’ve Moved!

Head on over to for future posts!

I’ll be posting more frequently and will be sharing a variety of fun things from tutorials, things I’ve made, to fun vintage finds!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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*aaaw so cuuute!*

Raven at 9 weeks old-an early birthday present from my parents to me. Labrador Retriever- the sweetest puppy, she looves to give kisses. We’ve already started training some(I’ve had her a week now)- housetraining is going well. She is a chewer, and a wanna-be digger so when she is out you have to keep an eagle eye on her- whew. She looves the water- tonight she was playing in her giant water bowl and she proceeded to grab the edge and dump the whole bowl of water on the floor and started trying to play in it. So cute..hehe


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Antique Gazelle Embroidery Pattern

I’ve been working off and on scanning in and cleaning up my collection of antique embroidery patterns for preservation and future use and have found a few that I believe are out of copyright, so I’ve decided to share some of them here as I can and as I find more.

This gazelle is from the early 20s I think, very art deco in design- I’ve never seen this design before, and can’t find reference or pictures for anything like it in the vastness that is the internet.

Click for full size- the framed version is 8 inches across and the single gazelle is 6 inches.

If you use it please post a link in the comments- I would love to see what you do with it!

If you know anything about this design please share!

Bella  Modiste


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Don’t wanna sleep!

I’m getting pretty excited about last nights ideas- I came up with my next fabric collection at about 2:30 yesterday morning…wrote it down- sketched out my ideas and decided to sleep on it…woke up this morning and got excited all over again!  Today I’ve drawn maybe 20% of the illustrations and worked out my colors…I think this might work.

It will be my first *big* collection- all the designs I want to do and with the color waves- will take it to around 40 designs…

Since I’m only in the very first steps of this…I only have the color palette to share…

Very excited about this…

I know what I am doing tomorrow!


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I’m very happy to announce that my first collection of fabric has been available for purchase on for just about a month now.

(Click the photo to go to my collection on Spoonflower)

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I’m excited to announce the winners of my pattern!

#12 Caroline

#49 Sharon Chapman

#56 PEA

#107 Lisa Lectura

#113 Lisa W.

I’ve contacted each of  my winners, and sent each their patterns.

I hope that they will have as much fun making him as I did designing him.


The Bella Modiste


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Would you, Could you

Pretty please vote for me in the Spoonflower “bugs” fabric design contest?

The design is Hopalong Cassidy By: Naomi Wilson….


*ahem*What!? I am a little bit excited! I already ordered a swatch of it, that will be in next week…..eeek!

I had so much fun designing, coloring and choosing the layout….

Hopalong is about 4 inches wide, so really quite large.

If I win….I’ll have another giveaway, this time for a fat quarter, eh a 1/2 yd!

Yes. I am unashamed in my attempts to bribe you. Completely and totally unashamed.

Now go vote!


The Bella Modiste

Edited to add:

It should be noted that the fabrics appear in random order on 3 pages, so you may or may not see  my design on the first, or even second pages.


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