About Me

My name is Naomi Wilson and for as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed making things and crafting. My earliest memories of crafting are from age 4 when I made my first necklace, from plastic beads and string. From that point until now I’ve made jewelry, carved soapstone, crafted gourds, and sewn countless items. Each media offers its own challenges and rewards, sewing is certainly at the top of my list of favorite past times.

I have a fondness for nostalgic clothing and vintage fabrics and I always have my eyes peeled for some hidden vintage treasure.
Antique stores and estate sales have turned up more then one item to add to my collection. Often times I use parts and pieces in my projects.

My ideas come from vintage photos, antique patterns, and sometimes just pure inspiration. I’m constantly creating new pieces and encourage you to check back often to see my latest work.