Well look at that!

I want to thank Tina (A.K.A. Mom) of “Garden Goose” for awarding me the “E for Excellence” Blog Award….

…for receiving the “E for Excellence” award..I am to in turn bestow this award upon 10 bloggers that inspire, or that have a sense of “community”… blogs that are downright cool and inspiring,and just plain fun.
So……lets see….
1. Kristy at “This Bean Knits
2. Aunt George at “Aunt George’s House
3. Bev at “Sew on….and Sew Fourth
4. Kate at ” Little Green Designs
6. Tess at “Made by Tess
7. Nin at “Peachy Hollow
8. “Chrysanthemum
10. Emily at “The Black Apple
alright! I think that about does it! I do hate having to pick just a few people out of all the blogs i have saved…….
Gustav passed us right by, we didn’t even really get rain from it, just a few drizzles…
anyways, its about time to get my two chickens in….(I think I mentioned that we have given Goldie and Marigold(now Albert Einstein) to some friends, to simplify, as well as prevent Goldie from angering our dear neighbors….she has a lovely habit of sounding like a very loud parrot early in the morning…so…off she went with the duck to live on 40+ acres in AL…
~The Bella Modiste


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5 responses to “Well look at that!

  1. Beverly

    Thank you, you are such a sweetie pie!!

  2. Hyena In Petticoats

    Thanks so much for my award – I feel very special! I’m off to have a wee look around – lovely to *meet* you! Leah xxx

  3. Bella Modiste

    You are both very welcome!cheers,~Naomi

  4. Hyla Waldron


  5. ~Vicki

    Thank you for the award! I’ll check out the others and add a list of my own, soon, I hope!!xo

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