This is a few tiny things I’ve made this month…

I’ve got a million more in progress….skirt fabric I painted yesterday ready to sew now…
a baby blanket to finish, two other blankets to photograph…A very full petticoat to put the final ruffle on, a quilt on the frame, and another cut out… A dress to turn into a skirt(poor thing started as my skirt, turned into a dress for little sis, and now will go back to a skirt so she can keep her “princess dress” a bit longer…:)…) Also two stuffed donkeys, a bunch of tea towels for a trade, and a bunch of other things buried in my project bin….haha
This is a little zippered bag i made out of some adorable Japanese print fabric that I got from a lady in California….I got a bunch of others, but haven’t really used but one other, and i messed up on the bag I made from that….I was SO disappointed…the pocket went on is 1/8th of an inch off….doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a difference….haha
so that one is mine…and this one is sold, but I do have more fabric, so will probably make another one….but not identical…I have crafting ADD…I have a harder time making several things that are identical….if I have say 5 things that I am making that are the same, I go about it assembly line style, do all of a certain part, then next step…

And this, is an apron I’ve had cut out for some time….I finally made the bias tape to finish it about a week or two ago, and I have it listed in my Etsy shop now…
If I remember correctly, that is Micheal Miller Polka dot fabric…but I cant remember the name of the floral fabric designer…but it matches so perfectly….

Anyways, this should keep everyone happy until I can get these other goodies done and photographed….hopefully tomorrow provided I can get some good light in here…Gustav isn’t gonna be fun….supposed to have Tropical Storm conditions tonight and tomorrow…I just hope it all isn’t going to be as bad as they think….
~The Bella Modiste



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6 responses to “This is a few tiny things I’ve made this month…

  1. knitting_bean

    You? Craft ADD? Hardly! I’ve been working on cutting out a pair of jeans (!) for two or three days now… interfacing is still lurking out there, somewhere. AND you made bias tape for a whole apron! I’m impressed! (I get lost after 12″) I’ll try to write to you soon, sorry for falling off the face of the earth here lately… R

  2. Felicia

    Whenever I mess up an alignment like a pocket or something I slap on some embellishment like buttons or ribbon to cover it up. Then I can it a new design feature 🙂

  3. Sharon

    I love the apron, it reminds me of that movie The Stepford Wives, or Brefrom my all time favorite tv show Desperate Houswives (not sure how they spell her name?)

  4. Bella Modiste

    Yes R..crafting ADD…I think my WIP box proves my point…hahaGreat idea Felicia!Aunt Sharon, I think it is Bree…with two e’s…So what do you think of the 5 yr leap they took? I was quite disappointed, but we’ll see later this month what they’ll do with the show…cheers,~Naomi

  5. Sharon

    Bree yeah that looks better than Bre. I love that show, the whole 5 year leap really threw me off but of course thats what makes us come back for more right? There are a couple of good shows on USA too In PLain Sight and Burn Notice they are both pretty good, but thats about all we watch other than news (yuck)

  6. Bella Modiste

    Sharon,yeah,you just cant look away! I like Project Runway…but I watch that on youtube, as we don’t have cable anymore….anyways…tell that daughter of yours that she really should email her dear sweet kind cousin more often…:Pcheers,~Naomi

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