So exciting! so, Sunday, the same day dear little Vanilla went to Chicken Heaven…
I discovered something…hidden among the peas….
whatever could it be…but an egg from sweet Penny! a lovely pale green color….gorgeous!

And then of course I had to set up some photos…hehe!

She laid a second egg today, but I was too late letting them out of the coop and so it got trampled( need to get those nesting boxes built now…)
But! She is laying now! which is fantastic! Goldie should start laying soon as well, she will lay just brown eggs, and my newest baby, Cinnamon will also lay green/blue eggs.
anyways…that was my exciting news! oh, and I’m finally finished with school for the year, so expect lots of new things for my shop!
~The Bella Modiste


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3 responses to “AWESOME!

  1. knitting bean

    Aren’t those colorful eggs great??? I love them. It’s Martha Stewart green. One of these days, don’t hold your breath, I will write to you again. One of these days……

  2. Belle

    Oh…the eggs is so little and cute! It is a pretty color of egg too! I hope you have a nice day! Belle

  3. knitting bean

    Okay – I’ve been impressed with that egg as long as I can be. Anything else new? Kristy

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