New babies!

Both are hens, both are unnamed, and as far as the feed store lady told me, they are both araucanas…and both are SO cute..names..I’m thinking Chocolate and Vanilla…rofl
~The Bella Modiste

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4 responses to “New babies!

  1. queenofdreamsz

    Oh..they are so cute. They will lay pretty eggs..I used to have some like them…got pale green eggs..

  2. smoothiejuice

    i love auracaunas, they are so sweet, good luck with these girls! Show us pics are they grow!

  3. knitting bean

    Your top picture looks like a two-tone, four legged chicken! It caught me off guard! 🙂 Good luck with your new babies!

  4. Bella Modiste

    queenofdreamsz- I love them! they are so cute, I’ve got one other Auracauna, Penny, and a Buff Orpington, Goldie.smoothiejuice- Me too!I will be sure to get lots of pics for sure!knittingbean-haha, at first glance, it doesnt look like a 4 legged chicken…hehecheers,~The Bella Modiste

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