Frog Prince?

This Handsome fella was found relaxing in the garden today, and while passing by I heard him say something real low…sounded like “Kiss Me”
So of course, I bent down low….and sure enough!

Kiss him indeed!….That my dear friends….is as close as my lips got to him…and even then I was fighting back laughter….

Here was right before I burst out laughing…can you imagine what the neighbors must have thought…seeing me “kiss” that poor toad?

And yes, I am back from my lovely vacation….I will probably post some pictures soon of the wonderful time I had..but for now, you should be happy with my Frog(toad) Prince….

~The Bella Modiste

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5 responses to “Frog Prince?

  1. knitting_bean

    I’ve never caught any of the little toads in my garden, but it looks like you, umm… bond… with your critters a little more than I do!

  2. D.J.

    You passed up your prince because of what the neighbors would think… such a shame 😉

  3. Bonne

    ROFL!!! Hey, I’m starting to bombard your mom with listings for sewing machines (reasonably priced ones). It’s Pensacola that you are nearest, isn’t it? She NEEDS her own, so I’ll keep pluggin’ on it. LOL

  4. Amy Ellen

    Cute pic!! So no prince for you huh?? Thats okay who needs a prince, LOL Thanks for the giggle over the cute pics. Amy

  5. faeorain

    Ha ha…in the 3rd picture down, it looks like the toad is leaning in for the kiss! Love it!

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