OOOOH!! Look what I made!

Right, so I know this is a bit late, I finished this, a week ago, and am just now posting pictures!

What we have here, is a lovely but sturdy canvas tote, with a great red and white polka dot liner(I’ll get better pics once the weather clears up…) not to mention the ribbon! and the mushrooms, cant forget those, the visual point of the whole bag! I’ve got another similar design to make up, just have to get time to actually sew! Please, let me know what you think!

Close-up of the design…

The ribbon embellished top, and ribbon tie closure…

The whole bag….

Oh gosh..what a day! I *almost* lost my dear dear sweet Penny today…I was going outside with a tray of newly sprouting plants, and heard/saw commotion in one of the flower beds, I look over and I see this huge pair of wings…maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I swear they were 4-5 feet…., I see this blur of brown go running towards the bushes. The huge wings(all I really saw, it happened so fast, in a few seconds) take off up into the tree, I run into the yard looking for Goldie, mom comes running out, she has seen my frantic searching, I can’t find her, finally here she is, I find her, huddled under the bushes, scared and eyes wild.
Then I realize, oh no….Penny is missing!

I’m looking in the bushes, she is the color of dead leaves, I look in the lilies, mom finds feathers, lots of feathers…feathers from Penny, so many feathers, no blood, just feathers. No tears, Mom is crying, I kick the tree, the fence, the chair, then run to clean the chicken cages, and get the ducks in, I go to catch the *remaining* chicken, hear a small bird in the bushes, look, and….There she is…huddled under the bush, the whites of her eyes showing, scared so bad,
I grab her, run in, wrap her in a towel, take her to the bathroom, and check her over, no blood, no scratches, no blood! a huge section of feathers missing from her neck, but she is fine! The wild birds didn’t start flying around again for about an hour, so I’m guessing Mr.Hawk was waiting around, hoping to get another shot at an easy meal….No tears, no, I don’t have a heart of stone, I just keep things in, finally though, tears of relief, I almost lost my dear sweet Penny, but she’s Ok now….my dear sweet baby, who runs across the yard to jump in my lap and get cuddled, My show worthy girl(picture above is old…I’ll get some more of her soon, she is gorgeous, missing feathers and all!)….

Ok….had to get it out….Thanks for reading! 😀
~The Bella Modiste



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3 responses to “OOOOH!! Look what I made!

  1. Megan McGory

    So glad Penny is ok! We had a hawk pick off one of the woodpeckers a couple weeks ago. Penny is so adorable 😀

  2. Bella Modiste

    Me too….She is such a sweet chicken, loves to be held and petted.Even though I have two chickens…she is my favorite..shhh…don’t tell Goldie…hahacheers,~The BElla Modiste

  3. knitting_bean

    LOVE the mushrooms! I’ve always loved mushrooms, maybe from an early start with Dad’s old Nintendo system… Poor, poor, little baby chicks! I know you said they are bigger now, but I’m sure they’re still your babies! Once we had a hawk in our yard and the other (smaller tasty) birds chased him away, quite the sight to be seen. 🙂

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