Busy Busy! (part two)

Now this….is a hint of something to come tomorrow! I’m VERY excited about this little project, and will get them finished up and photographed in the next few days, and of course listed in my Etsy store(for of course they are something to sell!)
I finished one tonight, and it is just soooo cute! That polka dot ribbon really does the trick!

And here is one of three things I won recently from the One World One Heart Giveaway(see previous post) Karen from Pockets in my Hearts sent me this adorable art doll! how cute is she? I LOVE her dress!

And Shelley from Nahia Creations sent me a bar of her fab smelling Chocolate Espresso soap, as well as some lip balm in a glorious Peppermint Lemongrass blend….talk about a yummy smelling package!

Now I must of course brag about these……fresh made cinnamon rolls….hot from the oven, coated in a glaze of icing, filled with sugar and cinnamon, don’t forget the raisins…..mouth watering yet?
So the other day(um..week or two ago) I made up a huge double batch of these…we are taking a little over 60 rolls….and froze them….with 5 people….two rolls per person…eh…you kinda go through them fast! We are down to the bottom of the second and last container….:D….must mean they are yummy….We go through these much faster then whole wheat bread or even cinnamon swirl bread…..maybe its the icing? You wouldn’t believe how good these are compared to those pre-packaged, dough bits that you cook yourself…or those ones that are pre-cooked….
So anyways..yes…if you’ve got two hours to kill one day….do yourself a favor and find a good recipe for these babies(maybe if enough people ask, I’ll share mine(after my trip)….trust me….your mouth will thank you, only downside…the scale will start lieing….rofl

~The Bella Modiste


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