A few things I’ve made lately

Made this little purse from a small pair of little girls shorts…picture doesn’t look like much, but it very cute…

A skirt I made myself, red with a wrap slip underneath to be worn with other future skirts

White blouse that will go under a black velvet bodice top I have…forgot to take a picture with it on over it. It does look cute…with the velvet bodice over it…ha ha

And pillows I made for my bed a while back using 12in fabric squares mom entered a swap for last year before Christmas, and then gifted me with, and the bottom pillow was made from a corduroy jumper, and is not stitched closed after stuffing, but instead buttoned….he he

So who else loves this time change? I mean, wow! you can sleep til what feels like 11:00 and in reality, its only 10! sweeet!
Yes, yes I know..I stayed up late last night working on mini aprons and also making mom another curtain…
that’s all for now…but I’ll have more pictures hopefully soon…
~The Bella Modiste~

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3 responses to “A few things I’ve made lately

  1. Bonne

    Love all your new cuties! Hey, I recognize that skirt fabric!! LOLhugs, Bonne

  2. knitting_bean

    Great job… as usual!!! Is that the skirt you told me about before? I love the little bag! I’ve always liked bags like that. I’ll try to write to you soon (with Halloween pictures, no doubt!), but right now I’m working to a deadline (ugh). -Becca

  3. GardenGoose

    she made my curtains because..well..let’s face it..she hogs up that sewing machine.:0P

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