Todays Garage sale finds

Here we have the purse made from three upholstery fabric samples….is it just me or did it turn out perfect!?… the picture..the purse is a bit lopsided, this is not a construction fault, just how the purse was laid out and the angle of the photo

Here is my finally finished rug(I started it about..5 years ago…then a few weeks ago took apart the whole thing and started fresh)…although it is acrylic yarn, I do like how it turned out….

And here are today’s finds..this batch was $5….
This is also part of the $5 batch, the white is bunches and bunches of pre-cut muslin blocks..I’d say about 8.5in squares..perfect for embroidery….

This huge lot of 11 books was only $1….yes…one dollar….which includes numerous Sewing with Nancy books, most of which ran about $20 new….and several quilting books…

This lovely is from 1941 and cost only a $1…and is a Learn How Book, with instructions for crochet, knitting, embroidery…and….shuttle tatting…..which..I WILL learn one day….ha ha

And here we have three books from 1940-1950 all acquired for 25 cents….yes..all three for a quarter….not each….for all….someone had tied them up with ribbon and some kind of ugly fall decor on the top….it was ugly and dusty..the spines on two are rather….messed missing all together and the top missing from one, the back cover of the middle book is missing, but the Shirley Temple book and the Eight Cousins are in OK condition…for a quarter I figured why not? least I can get some enjoyment from them..I have read Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott..just last week in fact..its a pretty good book….And I cant wait to read Rose in Bloom, which comes right after it.

Also bought from the sale I got the three older books from was this adorable marionette….for….oh my gosh….a quarter….what were they thinking!? the only thing wrong with him was one of his strings had slipped out of the little cross piece at the top..a problem I fixed in about 15 minutes, along with shortening the string connected to his head…. So..those were today’s wonderfully fun finds… I will give you the recipe for the yummy yummy easy as pie cookies…


~The Bella Modiste~



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8 responses to “Todays Garage sale finds

  1. knitting bean

    Great finds, but I can’t see the first five pictures. Is it me or you????? Let me know!

  2. Bonne

    I can’t see the first 4! wahhh!!!:(You’ll love those Sewing with Nancy books~lots of good tips and basic procedural info. Good finds!! hugs, Bonne

  3. Bonne

    Awesome Bag!! Bravo! hugs, B

  4. knitting bean

    I love the bag! Beautiful! Also, thanks for fixing the pictures!;-)

  5. Katherine

    Wow! You scored some wonderful fabrics and those books! Lucky you! Have fun using all these goodies.

  6. Tori's Mimi

    Was thinking I’d ask where you found the pattern for the crocheted rug? If you don’t mind telling. It looks very warm and inviting. Thought I might like to give that a try.Denise

  7. RuthW

    You are amazing and I love reading your posts. 🙂 I love all the stuff you do and all the pics you post. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Bella Modiste

    Thanks Ruth,It gives me a chance to share everything once so I don’t have to repeat everything in a half dozen emails…haha…I find blogging quite fun…and gives me a chance to kind of keep a diary…which I have tried to keep on paper, and well…it didnt ever work out…haha cheers,~The Bella Modiste~

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