Oh gosh!

It has been a while since I said I would get pictures “tomorrow”…..so lets see…I have even more to share today, plus a fun and easy recipe…..
So here we have the photos from…two weeks ago…
The wonderful book from Emily at MJF, along with a ton of zippers….Emily, I have not forgotten you, in fact, every place I’ve gone the past while I’ve searched for those durn number beads..I will find them!…I hope….worst come to worst…I can look for them online….

Here we have the goodies from Bonnie at MJF, everything from zippers, to piping, tailors chalk,patterns, hem binding, elastic, and fabric…

here is the lovely fabric from Bonnie…I’ve only used three of the pieces so far..the red stars, along with the two striped pieces you see on either side of it in the picture….the purse turned out sooo cute..photo of it in the next post..I promise!…

These are the doilies I found…I love the smallest one best of all…and have set it aside with a few really tiny ones that are similar too it…

Posted by PicasaAnd…here we have the beautiful Belgian lace…
These are the two uncut circles of it….

And here we have the smaller pieces, some of which are cut, and one is complete…it is really beautiful stuff…just not sure i want to use it on yet….something very nice of course…

And…the books I got..actually, I got one other too.but on arriving home, I discovered it had a lot of water damage and was very very musty, so that sucker is airing out in the garage until I can actually mess with it without sneezing every time I turn a page….So these are all the goodies I got Sept. 29th…next I’ll show everything I got today..plus I’ll share an awesome peanut butter cookie recipe….


~The Bella Modiste~



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3 responses to “Oh gosh!

  1. sunshine

    you found turtle braid ( the items you have sitting on the blue chair) hasn’t been maid in about 8- to 100 years I use it alot in vintage lace making. Very cool if you ever decide you want to trade I will be happy to.Take care sunshine

  2. sunshine

    sorry forgot to say the items you have sitting on the blue chair the bottom picture with the blue chair before the books

  3. Bella Modiste

    Wow…I’ve emailed you….I just thought..”oh cool, this lace is pretty, and looks to be old…”…didnt really think about how old it might be…or even what type….Thank you…

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