Oy…I got up soo early…7:30!!!

So let’s see what’d I do today?….I got up early today…WOW!!! good for me!!!…took care of our lonely Daffy duck…

He has really chilled out since Daisy was killed, he no longer attacks my feet(ouch!)…well..least not as much…mostly because before he was acting as protector to her and the eggs she was laying…

So after taking care of Daffy I did this and that, helped mom clean house…the usual…then today since dad wasn’t feeling well, I helped him out with his business applied transfer tape to various jobs, and packaged up another job…and applied small pieces to cover up an old slogan on another job he had done a while back, the people decided that their previous slogan didn’t work…so back to us they brought it…..ha ha

So I’ve been doing a fair amount of sewing….Friday I said I made two more marbelized handbags, way cute…also the one I made the beginning of the week that sold within 24 hrs of posting it to Etsy
the one I sold:

and the other two(which I hope to list tomorrow):

Also Saturday I made two aprons… there are two seahorses on each bottom corner of the apron, just stitched around the seahorse, edges left raw…

Also last week I made an artful apron…good thing the design is unwashable..cause if it was washed that muslin would shrink up and ruin the whole look…hahaha….

I wont be having a sewing lesson tomorrow because dad has some how gotten the flu…*ack…* don’t give it to me!!! And we’d rather not get my sewing teacher sick…and then next lesson is off too, as she is going out of town…So..I have an extra month to finish the assignment..though really she said I have until the end of all the lessons, but I’d much rather get it done now….so far I’ve prepped the pattern pieces, cut all the pieces I need, dry ironed the pieces, and today I washed and ironed the fabric, which this time is just a plain muslin, but I plan to buy my own copy of the pattern, and make some of the little outfits out of linen and other nice fabrics.

Oh..and I made mom a rag quilt for her birthday(early present, I got impatient, couldn’t wait til the 17th….haha…it ended up measuring like 5 foot and a few inches by 5 foot and a few inches(obviously it is square) there are 64 little squares in the center…but…because of the type of quilt…I have to cut 3 times that…64 for the backing, 64 for the flannel inside, and 64 for the top cloth…yeesh! than the 20 squares around the 64..then the 4 squares and 4 rectangles…took time, but was it worth it? oh yeah! she loves it and it totally goes with her whole “farm girl” theme she has going in the living room right now….the picture is actually sideways..the quilt is not lopsided…honest it isn’t…ha ha

so anyways…that’s what all I have been up to…I’m gonna do a quick spell check here, and then read a bit of the book I have to study for my learners permit..yup…you heard right…..I’m actually going to get it(well, I was anyways..but I was stalling)…I’m going to study the book a bit more..take the online 4 hour(ugh) thing on drugs and alcohol, and then, I have two other tests to take for it, then I guess I get my permit..then after 80(or 50) hours of driving time and( and/or..cant remember) 1 year….I get that little piece of plastic that says I can drive…as long as I don’t fail….hahaha


~The Bella Modiste~



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10 responses to “Oy…I got up soo early…7:30!!!

  1. Leezard

    I like that blue apron with the bow, very girly!Your quilt is very nice! I am working on one for my brother and sister-in-law from some fabric from their wedding.

  2. Bonne

    The rag quilt is just adorable!! I love how you’ve combined the various sized squares! And the bee “art” apron is killer!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS, Bonne

  3. Bonne

    I can’t get over how unique and gorgeous that marbelized fabric is and the totes show them off to their advantage! Just beautiful! Get cracking on Dad to help you make more of that fabric~it can be in your “signature” pieces, the marble fabric. “Made in America by AMERICAN home crafters”!!!! YOU GO!!!!!HUGS, Bonne

  4. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Leezard! I’m sure your family will love the quilt you are making…cheers,~The Bella Modiste~

  5. Bella Modiste

    Bonne, thanks so much…I had alot of fun making both the quilt and “art” apron….

  6. Bella Modiste

    Bonne, ditto…signature fabric…oooh yeah…I’ve got to get some more fabrics soon and then mix up the base which has to sit for like 12 hours…I’m going to do as much fabric as I can, with no regard to mess, I’ll string up a temp. clothsline, from grape arbor to courtyard(about 20 feet give or take) support the middle, and have at it…I might just might put some raw pieces in my shop as well….but I dunno yet…haha…I like it to much…cheers,~The Bella Modiste~

  7. Knitting_Bean

    You did a great job on all of it! Of course your mom loved the quilt- how could she not??? I made a little quilt like that for my grandmother a couple of years ago out of homespun plaids and stuff. I say ‘I made it’ but it was really a group effort on the day before Christmas Eve… talk about crazy! It was fun, but a whole lot simpler than yours, just your basic 6” squares. The only thing I absolutely hate about that type of quilt is all the little cuts in the seam allowances you have to make to fluff it up! I understand about the permit thing, too. I need to have my permit renewed soon or finally learn and get my license. I don’t know where you live, but my cousin lives in Florida and recently had to take an online thing like that. Her mom ended up taking the test for her, which sounds completely wrong to me, but whatever. That’s one of the only reasons I’m glad I don’t live there anymore! (The test that is, but sometimes the extended family, too!) Oh my goodness! I just rambled on and on! Our internet has been down for a couple of days and I guess I’m making up for lost time! -Becca

  8. Bella Modiste

    Becca,Why, Thank you! Yeah…I think I did a good job on it all too..:PAnd I’m totally with you on all the little cuts on the seams…I had a red ring about my thumb from the scissors for a while….hahaYeah, Florida is where I am, I’m dreading the 4 hour test…but I’ll take it, not my mom…I’m going to have to agree with you, so not right for the mom to take it for the girl…Don’t you just hate when the Internet blinks out? sooo annoying, especially when you have things to do…haha…cheers,~The Bella Modiste~

  9. RuthW

    I love your bee apron! And the bags! And the quilt! You’re amazing! And you will do fine on the learner’s permit junk. I did, and I was very scared. It was way easy. At least here in WA. However, the driving part, that depends on the person. 😛

  10. nashbabe

    I do love that marbled fabric.

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