Just a quick post…

Lets see..whats new..OK..
last Monday our dear sweet Daisy the duck left us for a raccoon….we found her early that morning in the back corner…feathers all about…and ugh…half eaten….
not much new through the week….though I did get some nice sandals, very comfortable, and oh so fun to spin in….hahaha
Friday I made two marbelized canvas purses, Saturday I made two aprons…today I didn’t make anything, but helped dad with somethings for his business.
um…I’m actually heading to bed at a decent time….in about 8 minutes….haha…..and will actually hopefully get up at a decent time!! amazing I tell you! Not gonna keep the 3AM-12PM anymore….it’ll be the 11PM-6:30AM or 7:00AM hahahahaha…..you know…I did get things done with the 3-12….I just kept different hours then everyone else…..and I tell you..it was fun…but alas…..the fun must end…..and now I bid thee all good night
~Te Bella Modiste~



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4 responses to “Just a quick post…

  1. Knitting_Bean

    No, wait… Don’t tell me… You’re home schooled? I graduated last year, home schooled since roughly fourth grade. I went to bed early last night at three AM, only because the family has been installing wooden floors for three days! I agree, you do get things done, no matter how unconventional the time. I volunteered at a day camp for a week this summer and had to get up around eight, and the kids knew they were on their own until noon! -Becca P.S. Sorry about your Daisy the duck…

  2. Bella Modiste

    Becca,You got it! Except, I am done now, only have to go for my GED and I’m finished…Hurrah! And yeah….no matter the time, you can get stuff done…haha…ooh…yeah..Do you have a blog? I’m addcted to this blog thing..even if I dont post everyday, I’m reading the blogs I’ve found and book marked….so fun…cheers,~The Bella Modiste~

  3. Knitting_Bean

    I understand the addiction to blogs, I’ve got at least a good dozen I check every day! But no, I don’t have one – yet! I plan on getting one within the next month or so, but I’m trying to learn all the stuff that goes with running a website first so I can start from scratch. The blog itself will be painless I’m sure, but I want to set up a small store, too. (I’m an aspiring knitting designer) My mom has a blog, though – http://www.knittingbean.blogspot.com (When she talks about me, I’m R) – Becca

  4. Bella Modiste

    Becca,oh goodness…I’m terrible…I went to your mom’s blog..and read every single post…haha…Now after seeing all those cool knit things…I want to get out my needles, some yarn, and relearn what I figured out earlier this year…haha…you do some pretty cool cakes too! You cakes turn out way better then the one I made mom for Mothers day this year(i have a pic somewhere on here)cheers,~The Bella Modiste~A.K.A. Naomi

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