My 20th post….

Well, here it is, a week late, but none the less….here it is….ha ha

The promised giveaway…alrighty…

a small coin purse..and a few surprises….
So, for this giveaway, you must suggest a name for my dress form….she is a bright red beauty, adjustable from Singer….

Now, to enter, first off…no “Anonymous” entries, you must enter a name into the box, and be sure to check back when winner is announced, no entering and then not coming back to check if you won. 😛

So the giveaway starts today, and goes until 22nd off this month…I’ll announce the winner on the 23rd…and also, I’ll announce my dress form’s new name…..he he

So…whats new with me…lets see….oooh picture time…

My most recent project(besides the bag I made to match it yesterday, and also another canvas art bag for my father’s business)

The stripes are matched on all four seams, so perfectly(:P) that my sewing teacher seemed VERY impressed when I showed it to her yesterday afternoon….she said something along the lines of “some seamstresses that have been sewing for a long time wouldn’t even attempt to sew striped fabrics” (I cant remember her exact words, but that’s what she meant)

And look at me….bwahahaa…I’ve done it!….haha..nothing shall hold me back…I shall rush forwards, learning as I go….No project shall stop me! 😛

OOhhhh….AND I rearranged my room Sunday….It is not quite finished yet….I’ll probably be getting my bed out of here soon(“But where will you sleep? ” you ask….why..where else? The couch!, hey…I’ll do anything for a nice craft room…plus…I like sleeping on the couch..the only thing I have to do to make my bed….hehehe….fold up the blanket….hahaha)

Then the only thing keeping this from being a complete craft room will be my clothes will be kept in here….along with all my other knick knacks, and such….ha ha

so…a picture of the nearly finished side of my room….I still need to find a better spot for my still as of yet unnamed dress form…which I’ll probably do once my bed and computer desk(computer will be kept in here..but will be on a multipurpose table, instead of the ugly modern styled desk) are out of here….

The hat on the dresser is usually on the form…but I just put the skirt on her, and didn’t want the hat to get crushed in the process…

my room is a mix of styles, but I’m aiming for a Paris/France/red w/ white and some black kind of theme…its getting there….extremely slowly….

So went to Joann’s today, got another twin needle(stupid mistake with the first one…I uh…accidentally zigzagged with it….yeah….also got two large lined baskets to hold fabric, and a remnant of peachy linen/rayon….

Oh and a quick note, the black striped skirt is either all linen or a blend, I got it from Walmart when they were closing the fabric department, and wasn’t really checking the fiber content, but know that it at least has some linen..two reasons I know this…I can feel that it is(hard to explain that..but linen has a certain texture) and also…..well….the little receipt that came with it said “linen”…so yeah…:P….3 yds of it for like 4.50 isn’t bad….right? it is 60in wide, and so my skirt only took like 1.5yds….YAY!….

OK….enough for now….I want to sew some more tonight

cheers, ~The Bella Modiste~



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25 responses to “My 20th post….

  1. auntgeorge

    Wow, you did a great job on that skirt. I’ve been sewing for 35 years and I don’t think I could sew a striped skirt that well! You should really be proud of the job you did.Oh, and for your dressform? Hmm….Cherie’ The french pronunciation. Don’t know if I spelled it right, but when I saw the beautiful red dress form and your skirt and blouse, that name just popped into my head. Ooo la la. Oh, and I will have your pattern in the mail this week!! Mon Cherie’!!

  2. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Aunt George!(I am very proud of myself…hehe)I cant wait to try out that pattern…How fun!cheers,The Bella Modiste~

  3. Lindy

    whoa! Great Job!My skirts always come out loopy looking. You are a master.Lindy

  4. GardenGoose

    great job!

  5. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Lindy, as for being a master..I’m not so sure…I’ve only been sewing for about a year and a half now…

  6. ~~Mikki Jo

    Love the skirt, and thanks for hosting a fun giveaway. Congratulations on your 20th post! For your name how about “Thimbelena”???

  7. Aunt Jenny

    My suggestion for your RED dress form is RUBY!!!I love seeing your new projects!! Great job!

  8. faithymom

    Nice job on the skirt!My suggestion for your dress-form’s name is: Cerise

  9. Lorna

    The dress is faaaaaaaaaabullloussssssssssss in my best Grinch voice!As for the dress form, my first suggestion has been spoken for so I am going with Red Robin!Again, great job!Lorna

  10. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Mikki Jo, Aunt Jenny, Faithymom, and Lorna!

  11. Tori's Mimi

    I love your skirt. My daughter made a jumper out of material that looks very much like that, from Walmart. As for the dress form, I’m thinking Miss Margaret. Naomi you do beautiful work and you should be proud of accomplishing so much in such a short time.

  12. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Tori’s Mimi, And I must say, I am very proud of myself….hehe

  13. Amy Ellen

    Your skrt turned out awesome great job!!! Okay here a silly name for you, Bella Rosa, LOLWHat do you think??Amy

  14. Bella Modiste

    Amy Ellen, I love that, not a silly name at all! its gonna be hard to pick a name…I like the suggestions that have come in thus far!(if Bella Rosa is silly…then what is Bella Modiste? hehe….Bella and Modiste, come from two completely different languages(see my very first blog post for explaination)

  15. Anonymous

    Carrie (cinnamongirl on MJF) I say for your dress forms name ” sew red hot” and fantastic job on skirt

  16. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Carrie!

  17. smoothiejuice

    Well, Nay…you know I just love love love your sewy things!!! I just was thinking about your girlie…the dress form girlie…in walked my husband…and he said…”Rosina” my dear La Bella Modiste…Rosina!!! That is Italian…his grandmother’s name, one of my twinnies middle names, and if all women could be as strong as her…the world would be…Bellissima(sp?)…better brush up on the Italians, the cousins are all coming from Itally in 3 weeks!! Yikes!! Keep on sewing…and showin’ us your stuff with the chop chop images !!!! love ya!…jess

  18. smoothiejuice

    oh welll…bella rosa…very similar..i just figured out how to read all your posts…oh well…my vote for Rosina La Bella…yes that is my 2 cents!!! Not that it is worth it!! But there ya go!!!

  19. Bonne

    “LUCY” is what I’d name your dressform! (I’m thinking Lucille Ball, “lucy”~LOL)hugs, Bonne

  20. Bella Modiste

    oooh Lucy as in “I love Lucy”!!!! one of my all time favorite shows!!!!

  21. Bella Modiste

    smoothie, i love Rosina La Bella too….oooh dear oh dear oh dear…so many AWESOME names….only one form to name….

  22. Botanical Bath

    I like Ruby, but I would have to go with Rosie.

  23. momof2jrt

    I was going to say Lucy…lets try Gertrude…Am I in the drawing

  24. momof2jrt

    Forgot to live my

  25. Bella Modiste

    Yes, momof2jrt, you are in the drawing….Thank you

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