Just a quick post

OK…Just a really quick post tonight..i want to go try a project I’ve wanted to do for the past week..I’m far from tired(those energy drinks really do last all day), or its cause I stayed abed til….um….yeah…nevermind…

So lets see..today I’ve sewn like 4 handbags for dads business, have two others to sew for moms Etsy store, plus, I have my own projects..sure mom could sew, but every time she touches my sewing machine..I swear the thread breaks, or something goes wrong..so she is no longer allowed to touch my baby…..ha ha

So lets see…..My grandma should get her dolls in tomorrow..my other grandma sent me an awesome box of goodies, everything from patterns, to books and trims, and ooh sweet goodness…..FABRIC!!!! and TRIMS!!! and and and…..oooh lala…I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow…also..i have 25 yards of muslin coming in,…..FUN!!….tea towels, aprons, dolls, test runs of stuff…hmm…I may need more then 25yds….and alot more time..can we say….6 am til 12am….hmm….naw…i gotta have my 8-9 hours….11am to 3am…yeah……thats better…;)

so let me think…I’ve started a scarf…beautiful yellow and blue…I’ll try to get that finished this week, and start another….then come maybe the end of Sept, I’ll have several(hopefully) to list in my Etsy store…

didn’t go to class this past Tuesday, mom wasn’t feeling tip top the day before, and so wanted to kinda chill the next day…..but we will go next week…sure, with two classes, it will be a busy day, and unless I get up early, I wont have much time for much besides those two….but oooh how fun….ha ha

pictures pictures…..hmm..ah..ok…

This sherbety beauty can be found in my Etsy store

well..that’s all for tonight..how would y’all feel about a give away post next time? eh? yeah..thought you’d like that..thing is…it’ll be a surprise…..bwahahahaha


~The Bella Modiste



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2 responses to “Just a quick post

  1. Valle Girl

    But, really — no pressure. You’ve been doing a WONDERFUL job with your sewing lessons and the project should be more fun than challenge. Signed, The Teacher

  2. Bella Modiste

    Teacher,I know..I’m sooo good at sewing….I’ll practically be a Master seamstress within months….HA!…and what I have done has been fun..so no worries there! hahacheers,~The Bella Modiste~

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