2 miles, and a dozen errands later…..

So lets see…I didn’t blog yesterday..so…yesterday….
mom and I ran a bunch of errands for dad, then yesterday evening did a 2 mile workout video…and shock of shocks….I’m not to achy! And I must say..that is quite a plus…hehehe
Didn’t really do much today…ran some more errands, went to Hobby Lobby, while there I got two different bias tape makers, the farmgirls have been talking about them, and also my sewing teacher, has several, all of the above have said it helps alot..so…only $6 for two…
also…what else..oh yeah, yesterday I finished up Grandmas dolly…woulda shipped it out today, but I went to the post office, stood in line behind 5 other people for about 20 minutes……..ugh….the guy doing the postage stuff for everyone, pretty much just walked off, and hadn’t come back by the time I just gave up and walked out….mom and I had other running to do…this particular guy that was working today is usually quite slow in helping anyone, no smile…boring ol‘ “I’m a government worker” attitude..you know..the usual….haha…If the other guy were working…I’d have been out of the place in about 10 minutes, even with 5 others ahead of me…he actually seems to enjoy his job, he chats to people, smiles, and seems to have a really good time doing what he does…so…yeah….grandma, I’ll ship that out hopefully tomorrow..i know..you said to take however long I needed…well, they are finished, and I really want you to have them soon…haha…I think you’ll like how the one doll, that I actually made recently, turned out…
in other news..I’m awaiting 25yds of muslin to come in the mail..a lady on the farmgirl site, had bolts and bolts of the fabric….for a mere 12.50 a bolt…so I sent my check like last week….and I really really hope it comes in soon….lotsa fun!…I know..its just muslin…but muslin is fun!…you can do all kinda stuff with muslin!
~The Bella Modiste~


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