Oooh my hand…. my hand doesn’t really hurt, its just…stiff….I’ve been cutting apart approximately 800 vinyl decals for the past 1-2 hours….some were cut using a slide cutter, but then each strip of decals was into individual pieces, except for 400 of one kind, those were cut into groups of 5….so that last part certainly went faster…haha..but now I’ve got this funny looking reddish ring around my right thumb….where the scissors were…haha….It’ll be gone soon though…ha ha
so any who..not to much new, just this and that…also weeded the prementioned 800 decals(weeding….removing the unwanted material from around the cut and printed design), that took longer then actually cutting them apart! did the applying of transfer tape to half of them(transfer tape, a clear or white tape used to move the thin vinyl decals from the paper backing to the surface to which the vinyl will be applied, once the decal has been properly applied, the transfer tape is removed)
so..anyways…I gotta hurry and go see if any of the blogs I read have been updated….
~The Bella Modiste~


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