Birthday wishes

Today wasn’t quite as busy, got up late again…did this and that around the house, made little sister a few more dresses as B-day presents(pictures later), though I think she likes them, she seemed far more interested in her new Dora the Explorer doll…..ha ha and her little Care bears birthday bear….
I do have a few more adjustments to the dress, I’ve been making the straps too long, so, need to shorten them, also, may try to add some little ruffle sleeves of some type…not sure yet….
Today we celebrated little sisters birthday, we got a cake yesterday, and a few little things for her, then about 8 we had a mini party, just mom, dad, and us kids. Mom has all the pictures right now, otherwise I’d post one or two of her….eating cake, getting her gifts, etc….
anyways…I’ve got a doll to make for my grandmother, this week. Get to the bank, then head downtown later in the week to buy some shoes…
Yesterday I found out that I was doing something wrong(for a whole week)..and now have to re practise, aaaah the frustration….but I’ll keep at it, and get it right eventually…haha…but now I have even more to practise, and have until Tuesday to get it right….yikes….I shall need to call upon dad to help me practise I think…haha…right.
I also have several quilts to make…One for someone, one for some else and then one for someone else, the names cannot be mentioned, as these three people have been known to read my blog…:D….and one to finish for myself….yikes….two need to be finished by the end of the year, and the third by January….full size quilts…which means..i better find some easy/fast block patterns to use….two I’ve got the fabric picked, I just hope I have enough for two largish quilts..I’m hoping each will have 30, 12in squares….making them roughly 5footx 6 foot….the the third…I’m not sure on colors yet….yikes….I’ll think of something..maybe the same blue and yellow colors for that third one too…..
I’ll have to get pictures of the fabric before I cut into it….haha…I figure if i start now, and sew one square a day, I’ll be done sewing one quilt by, about August 34th….but then that gives me less then a month to sew the other squares…so it’ll have to be 2 squares or more a day, plus then Ill have to either tie or quilt both….yikes..but..i think I can do it….haha….I’ll start…tomorrow…maybe I’ll get time tonight….to at least cut out a few squares…..

pulling weeds can give you calluses, I was pulling alot of weeds about, two-three weeks ago, and the one side of my finger got sore, I guess I must have gotten a blister under a couple layers of skin, cause now I have this rough, tough callous(s/p?).gotta work on that…bit of lotion, and babying of my hands….

anyways…not to much new…haha
The Bella Modiste



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2 responses to “Birthday wishes

  1. GardenGoose

    you silly gal..August does not have 34 days. Didn’t you learn anything with the home schooling your mom did with you? ..ha.

  2. Bella Modiste

    you silly goose that was a typo…DUH!

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