Sooooo…lets see….whats new…hmm….

today I…
helped mom clean
had my toes nibbled on by a duck
cleaned the bathrooms
was given an apron by mom
thought I was going to get to sew tonight
look around and realized my room was a mess( that’s old news..;)..)
Folded towels
slept late….again
fed and watered the ducks
was chased by a duck
was tickled by two ducks…ha ha
pulled exactly one weed
checked out our two tomatoes
looked at our HUGE sweet potato vines
wrote a few emails
read a few blogs
got about 100 pages into the book I am reading(ha ha..small book…its about 260 pages long with 5″ x 5″ pages, only about 100 pages to go now)
read a few threads on MJF(
am excited
am slightly hyper yet tired(weird combination)
and..I think that’s about it for the list…now I think an explanation of a few things is in order…hehe…and of course the promised pictures….ha ha


So today mom and I cleaned house..I dusted some, we took the screen down out of the corner of the living room and stashed it behind the couch, it looks more open now, we put a dining room chair with a throw and a small pillow in its place. Mom used the new vacuum cleaner to clean the air vents, and ceiling fans etc. I dusted the smaller things and straightened up stuff, then cleaned the bathrooms….
Then I went out and feed the ducks, gave them fresh water in their pen and in their pool….all the while being chased by Daffy the male duck, when I stopped he would nibble on my toes… one point i bent down and did something, and both ducks came up behind me and started nibbling on my shirt…which tickled….hahaha
While i was outside I walked by the vegetable garden and there was a morning glory coming up in the middle, the other weeds could be left for another day, but if that one weed had been left to grow it would probably choke out the other plants.
Mom went through her linens and decided to get ride of a few aprons, one of which I really liked, so she let me have it, while the other three are up for auction on her blog.
I was going to sew tonight, but after I was done helping mom I came into my room and realized it was a mess and started folding laundry, then i got distracted…and distracted…etc etc….until now here I sit at 12:00 at night….ha ha
This evening I read Jewels blog ( she has gorgeous photos on her blog…
Also today I got to read about 100 pages in the book I am reading..huzzah! And yesterday got to read a whole chapter to little brother of the book I’ve been reading to him…


And last but FAR from least…..
I’m excited because during the past few days my parents and I have talked…and we’ve agreed…….wait for it……wait for it….

I’m going to go for my GED after this next school year is over……:D

I’ll graduate two years earlier then I was going to!!!
I’m very excited, and happy…and now I’ve really got to get to work on my business…I’d like to have it fully going by the time I graduate…I plan on going around town and trying to get in a few local shops. so yeah…that’s my exciting news…….:D
So this year in school I’ll focus on studying for my GED, learn book keeping for my business, learn a few computer programs used for designing things like brochures, business cards, and websites. Also I’ll get my learners permit, and probably my drivers licence. Once I have my drivers licence I may start saving for a car, considering moms car is to small for my comfort, and the van is to large……wow to think..this time next year….I could be posting on here about how my business is going, how I’m so happy I’ve graduated….sheeesh….

So anyways…next step is to purge my room of “”kiddy“” stuff…I think I’ve done pretty well before, but i do love my cartoon inspired gourds I’ve made, my cute ostrich and dog marionettes, my mermaid and cat paintings dad got for his business and that ended up in my room…my favorite porcelain dolls, the rest have been boxed up for little sister, I’ll pass them on to her when she is older….all except for a few, and the oldest which lies in its cradle under my bed…glued head included(I broke it when I was about 4…)…I love my old plastic (German?) doll my grandmother gave me when i was about 10…i cant remember the exact details of it, where she got it, or who’s doll it may have been, I’ll have to ask her…the cute doll w/ headscarf and apron….my doll that is made in Greece…..and my green lamp that is in the shape of two frogs….haha…quite a list of things I’m not quite ready to part with….ha ha….


weeeell…I guess its time for the promised photos….ha ha

Denim and flannel apron…you can find these aprons on my Etsy all except the last one.

One of my and green….I had saved the fabric for a while to make this apron..finally made it..then decided that I could part with it…as I have enough aprons for the moment…:P

I made two others like this I’m keeping for myself, the other was sent as a thank you for a Random Act Of Kindness(RAOK)and this one RWandBlue sold just this Friday, the lady got it today and loves it! I LOVE when people are happy with either something they buy or receive as a gift from me…..:D

anyways..this is what I’ve been up to…and hopefully I can start blogging regularly….ha ha….


~The Bella Modiste~



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  1. GardenGoose

    hey there..just spying in on ya..haha. gee but you and your mom stay :0P

  2. 2 LMZ FARMS

    Love your blog. So fresh. And I love the aprons. YOu are very talented young lady. Hmmmm…… wonder where you learned all that from? lol Just found your blog and will bookmark it. Keep up the good work and keep those pictures posted. Have a good one.Laura

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