I’m terrible…

at this thing called blogging!!!!! I’ve not blogged in weeks!
I just chalk it up to being busy, trying to get stuff made for my online store, www.shesewsbytheseashore.etsy.com
so far so good, I’ve got 4-5 aprons made up, another 4-5 still to sew, three purses, plus another dozen cut out and ready to sew….but slowly my project pile is actually getting smaller..as is my HUGE fabric stash…but that part is actually going slower…hehe…as I keep adding to it…like this past Saturday i went to Joann’s, huge wonderful sale, clearance fabric 50% off, plus a 50% off of one regular priced item coupon, and Butterick patterns 99 cents….so anyways, back to the fabric, I got the last of a gorgeous light green brocade type fabric(1 yd), 1/2 yd of a cute pink striped with butterflies brocade type fabric, and 3 yds of a beautiful dark brown sheer with vines and roses embroidered on it….wow!..beautiful…I wish now I’d gotten some linen, but such is life, and of course, it will always go on sale again….
so the aprons I made are really cute, I cant wait to get pictures to both list on Etsy, and show off here. I got 7 Butterick patterns, I’ll list the numbers, on the chance you feel like going to there site and seeing them, B5007, B4919, 4042, B4929, 4049, B4411, and 6693. Just gorgeous in my opinion and I LOVE B4019….now I was disappointed….as I was unable to find two of the patterns i wanted, two very fun retro apron pattern sets, I would have SO loved to get them, I’ll have to check Hobby Lobby, or get them online, I cant remember the numbers right off the top of my head, but I’ve got them written down….somewhere…haha….my room is the worst mess right now….its terrible!…I’ve got to get it cleaned by Tuesday, as my sewing teacher will be coming by then, and of course I’ll have to show off the aprons and purses I made…..
on a side note..i feel like a bloomin‘ idiot!…you know though twin needles you can get for the sewing machine…well…I managed to break the brand new needle, not even 20 minutes after i put it in…..stupid stitch was supposed to be straight!!!!!….not zigzaggy in ANY way….*ahem*….so yeah….I have to go back to Joann’s to get another..ooh..hey..another excuse to go back..oh what fun!…hehe….maybe I’ll get some more fabric…..:D….I wonder if I am addicted….i wonder..is there some type of 12 step program for my type of addiction?…not that I want it….except on those days I go pretty close to going broke..because I over indulge on fabric….but even then…
anyways…I’ll TRY to post pictures tomorrow…its late..I’m tired..plus the aprons all need ironed..and maybe I can get more items done by the time I blog again…ha ha
~The Bella Modiste~



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2 responses to “I’m terrible…

  1. GardenGoose

    pictures..share some pictures:0) hey..you have an addiction did you know that? lol

  2. Trina

    You are just too cute, Naomi! Your hard work encourages me to get off the ‘puter and get to work. Thanks!

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