A new Apron…and Ebay purchases…

So today I finished another apron…modeled after…this apron…http://dorothyshomegoods.com/articles.php?tPath=12

I just kinda worked up how I would make it, did a few calculations(that sounds so…smart:P) and sat down yesterday, cut out most of my pieces, and started a sewin‘…now as you see…below, i did change a few things, seeing as how I didn’t follow the above pattern, there is no pocket, and the ties are close to 4ft long..so as to fit most, and for those that can, can wrap the ties around and tie a bow in front…

I’m very happy with the results, and plan to list it in my Etsy store(www.shesewsbytheseashore.etsy.com) hopefully tomorrow.

So I had my camera out after photographing the apron, and I decided to snap a few pictures of something that came in a big box of mixed antique sewing supplies my father bought off of EBay for my birthday this past April….this isn’t all of the spools that came in the box, there were probably another 30 more, but I didn’t get pictures of them….

Aren’t they ooh so pretty? lots of silk and cotton threads, on wooden spools….I fell in love as soon as I saw them…also in the box was three pair of pinking shears…solid metal, no plastic handles, and two large pairs of shears, and one small pair of scissors, a card of pearl buttons, and sooooo much more…

so anyways…another fun eBay purchase was today, dad told me he bought an old(as in 1871) handwritten….diary…so our plan is..I’ll start another blog, and post on each corresponding day(maybe), for each of the 300 and some entries….I cannot wait until it comes in……I think it will be a lot of fun to get to read something a lady wrote shortly after the Civil War, to read about her life…to touch the pages she touched, the history contained in that book!to think…a book that is 136 years old……why did her family not save this book? why hasn’t it been passed down through the years to her great-great-great-times-how every-many-grandchildren?…..so exciting…..so another item that was in above mentioned box was this lovely ivory handled thing…it has a hook like a crochet hook, but my word..it is TINY! and when i say tiny, I mean its probably about 1/16in or smaller….perhaps it was for crocheting lace? but how in the world could one work with such a tiny hook and the thread must have been like your all purpose cotton machine thread, super thin…

so anyways..maybe some kind farm girl knows what it was used for….

not much new in my world….did a bit of gardening the other day…planted the poor bolting lettuce in the garden after snapping it off to about 2in, then planted the poor stunted tomatoes, transplanted a few plants that were in peat pots, and one that was in a shattered plastic pot….hopefully now they are in good soil, they’ll perk up and not dry out so much..as put the cucumber plants in a real pot instead of the 6 pack container they came in..they’ve already perked up…they bell peppers and tomatoes have cheered up some and one of the tomato plants has gotten to about 1 1/2 feet tall and has a lovely tomato on it, its some type of purple heirloom i think…and it will be a while before it is quite ready…also my gourd vines have finally started growing…i left them in their pots to long without enough water, but now that they get a fair amount of water fairly regularly, the bushel gourd vines have taken off, and the ornamental crown of thorn gourd vines have started to sprout out a few more leaves and have already put out a few flowers…….so anyways….I’m off now….its well…kinda late…12:22……….AM…so I guess that means it is early…he he….


~The Bella Modiste~



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3 responses to “A new Apron…and Ebay purchases…

  1. auntgeorge

    Your apron is wonderful!! Did you actually french seam every vertical seam? Wow…..girl……that was some remarkable construction!! Your father’s ebay finds are incredible!! Your crochet hook looks like an ivory handled hook. I’m sure it was used as you say, to crochet lace. Sunshine Harbaugh is an expert in hooks and lace gadgets!! I know she could tell you alot more. Your gardening adventures sound hot and dry….is it hot there? Sweltering here in VA. Keep up the great sewing…you are an incredible seamstress!!

  2. GardenGoose

    thanks for planting those veggies that were in my”staging area” ..ha.At least someone helped me out here..ha. thanks gal.and I love the apron too, but then ya knew I would.:0)

  3. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Aunt George, yes, I did French seam each vertical piece…nexxt time…I’ll just go back over the edge with the zig-zag stitch…haha…and yes, it is very hot, and dry…and humid…ugh..not a nice combination I must say….as for being an incredible seamstress…I’m far from it…I’m still learning so much…and really, I cant be an incredible seamstress in only a years time!…hahaGardengoose…you are welcome…haha

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