So..today I as at my sewing machine for a while…making these lovely creations..:P

This red doesn’t have white polka dots, instead they are little white hearts…very cute, and very Valentines day…i just LOVE how it turned out!

This one has two pockets…edged with two pieces of lace on each pocket…very cute, this was actually originally a curtain! and I have enough fabric left for at least one more…maybe the next one will be a keeper…:P

This one has one pocket, edged with white lace along with one corner having a tiny 1/4 circle bit of lace for decor….this was originally a pillow case, the leftover scrap pile was nothing, a few tiny shreds of fabric and one longish 1in wide piece!
so….anyways..that what I did today….
tomorrow I will be fixing a 1950s style dress if I get time, as I also have a end of the school year evaluation, plus have to get the laundry taken care of and help clean house…so I’ll be busy…
If I owe you an email, please bear with me….I’ve been super busy this past week….if you read yesterdays(i think) post, you should be able to see why…haha…end of school papers…ugh…but now I am FREE!!!…at least for a few months…ha ha
~The Bella Modiste~


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4 responses to “Apronaholic?

  1. Valle Girl

    Very cute aprons, Bella Modiste!

  2. Bella Modiste

    Thank you Valle girl!

  3. GardenGoose

    really like these. you are so talented. you go girl.

  4. Bella Modiste

    I know I’m talented you silly goose…:P

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