Looong day…but fun..:)

Boy oh boy…
4 hours on your feet in the kitchen really does you in…but is very worth it once you get the reaction of surprise and happiness that you were hoping for…ha ha
this is what I spent so much time on today.A mothers day( a day early) surprise for mom, had dad get her out for a little while today, but wasn’t even done by the time they got back, so mom was banned from the kitchen until I finished at about 4:00…she just loved it, and both parents were impressed…exactly the reaction I was going for…plus the ” oh honey, you made me this for Mother’s day? ” how sweet!” 😉

I spent a good 10-15 minutes making the fondant from marshmallows and 1 1/2 lbs(really called for 2 lbs though) of powdered sugar, of course there is some fondant left, but it is supposed to last in the freezer for up to three years! here is the recipe: http://whatscookingamerica.net/PegW/Fondant.htm

very easy really….it was the rolling out and applying of the fondant where it got a bit harder, but all went well with only one slight tear in the fondant on the second tier…shh don’t tell mom..:P

I made the flowers of fondant as well, and just brushed a bit of food coloring onto it for the yellow and orange, also dyed the rest of the butter cream frosting I had left over for the rest of the decorations. Which also I used 1 1/3 containers of frosting, then dyed the rest, decorated with another 1/3 or so, and was able to save the rest of the icing for another cake, at another time..or even just a spoon full here and a spoon full there 😉

Then this evening I started on a pin cushion for a farm girl contest, the grand prize winner of which gets a visit from the Mary Jane Butters….that would be the ultimate Mothers day present for my mother…ha ha…

So now I sit before my computer with a cup of White Emperor Tea from the Republic of Tea in a lovely double layer glass cup….

cool glass huh? Very cool, its usually quite cool when you take it out of the microwave, no matter how hot the tea is..very clever design….my only complaint is that I let my tea bag sit to long….supposed to have been 30-60 second…but it ended up being about 2 minutes..ahh well…just makes it a bit bitter…nothing a touch of honey cant fix..:P

Oh! Also finally got a picture of the apron I made of the men’s shirt I got while out yard saling last week….

Not to bad if I don’t say so myself…he he

Also today, I got a really really fun RAOK(Random Act of Kindness) from a farm girl, she sent me a small box stuffed with a bunch of really neat old iron on transfers!

Anyways….It’s late and I’ve really got to get to sleep…

signing off for now….
Bella Modiste….



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5 responses to “Looong day…but fun..:)

  1. Tori's Mimi

    Naomi, Your apron came out great and the cake is beautiful! I’m sure your mom is going to have a wonderful mother’s day. She is blessed to have such a thoughtful daughter.Denise~ (Levisgrammy)

  2. Wisconsin Crunchy Mama

    Wow! Look at that cake! Amazing! So glad you liked your RAOK 😉

  3. Bella Modiste

    Thank you ladies, I had a lot of fun making it…and mom really loved it.

  4. GardenGoose

    thanks for that beautiful cake. you did a great job on it.

  5. Bella Modiste

    I know….it must have been good, it was gone by that Thursday!

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